Sassafras - SOLD OUT

Sassafras - SOLD OUT


Sun: partial shade or full sun

Soil: moist and well-drained; some tolerance to salt and drought

Growth rate: medium to fast (1-2 ft/yr)

Mature size: 30-40’ height, up to 25-30’ spread; smaller in part shade and if it’s not pruned to a single trunk

Landscape use: ornamental (flowering), medicinal (roots and bark used as tonic), sustaining wildlife

Fruit: dark blue berries in fall that birds love

Flower: clusters of yellow flowers in early spring

Fall color: brilliant display of red, orange, purple, and yellow

Seasonal interest: fall color; pleasant aroma; flowering in spring; 3 different shaped leaves

Sustaining wildlife: feeding birds, dear, bear, and wild turkeys; host plant for Spicebush Swallowtail butterfly

sold out
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