Persimmon - SOLD OUT

Persimmon - SOLD OUT

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Sun: full sun

Soil: moist, well-drained soils

Growth rate: moderate (1-2 ft/yr)

Mature size: 35-50 ft. height, 20-35 ft. spread

Landscape use: edible landscape; sustains wildlife; medicinal (unripe fruit used in various teas)

Fruit: pale orange berry that ripens in September and October; ripe when skin is wrinkled; requires cross-pollination; trees are either male or female; fruit used to make wine, beer, breads, teas, and more

Flower: green-ish/white in late April

Fall color: little to no fall color; common for leaves to become spotted in the fall

Seasonal interest: fruit in early fall; blocky bark when mature

Sustaining wildlife: host to Luna Moth; pollinated by honey bees and bumble bees

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