Kentucky Coffeetree

Kentucky Coffeetree


Sun: full sun

Soil: tolerant of a variety of soil types, including well-drained, wet, and clay soils; drought tolerant

Growth rate: slow to moderate (1-2 ft/yr)

Mature size: 60-75 ft. height, 40-50 ft. spread

Landscape use: shade; ornamental

Fruit: seed pods 5-10 in. long; begin green and turn brown; persist through winter

Flower: pyramidal clusters of white/green-ish flowers in late spring and early summer

Fall color: yellow

Seasonal interest: white flowers in spring; yellow fall color; bi-pinnate leaf pattern forms unique canopy and filtering of light

Sustaining wildlife: cross-pollinated by bumblebees, long-horned bees, butterflies, and the Ruby-Throated hummingbird

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