Spicebush - SOLD OUT

Spicebush - SOLD OUT


Sun: part or full shade

Soil: moist, will tolerate dry periods

Growth rate: about 1-1.5 ft/year

Mature size: 6-15’ tall, 12’ spread (can be pruned to keep smaller)

Landscape use: birds and butterflies; edible landscape; unpalatable to white-tailed deer

Fruit: shiny red fruit in summer (female plants) that are a staple for migrating birds; edible for humans, berries and leaves have taste similar to allspice

Flowers: yellow flowers in early spring; one of first native shrubs to flower

Fall color: bright yellow foliage

Sustaining wildlife: host plant to Spicebush Swallowtail butterfly (pictured) and Promethea moth; staple food for native birds

sold out
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